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Sunday, 30 April 2017
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Barcelona, Friday 9 September 2011 "You are the Star" is the slogan of the first corporate advertising campaign since the launch of CaixaBank "la Caixa" unveils a new advertising campaign and corporate slogan, which places the customer at its heart

On Sunday 11 September, "la Caixa" will unveil its first major corporate advertising campaign since the creation of CaixaBank, launching its new corporate positioning and placing the customer at its heart.

"You are the Star" will be the new "la Caixa" motto, ten years after the "¿Hablamos?" campaign, a slogan that has now been fully embraced by the community at large and has become part of the essence of "la Caixa", the institution chaired by Isidro Fainé and directed by Juan María Nin.

The customer at the heart

According to CaixaBank's Deputy Managing Director for Communications, Institutional Relations, Brand and CSR, Jaume Giró, the new campaign "aims to emphasize two very simple but important things: the customer is and remains the raison d'être of the "la Caixa" Group, the fulcrum around which all our activities and values turn, while our core values of trust, reliability and service quality never change."

The customers are "la Caixa"’s very identity; its star. Hence the "You are the Star" slogan was chosen. Because "la Caixa", a leader in Spanish retail banking, is entirely customer orientated, thanks to its specialized management model, standout services and a range of products and services adapted to the needs of each client.

CaixaBank's Deputy Managing Director explains that the campaign hinges on four personal stories from different customer profiles, and seeks "to convey the fundamental idea that, despite all the changes and uncertainties in the world, "la Caixa" does not change: we remain true to our essence and our core values; because, as the advert says, it’s good that some things never change."

Hence the customers are the stars, in first person, of this new campaign, and take centre stage in "la Caixa"'s new communications campaign.

The campaign is based on four stories: that of a young woman reflecting on a long relationship, that of a new father who discovers feelings he could not have imagined when he was young, that of an entrepreneur reflecting on the moment he decided to start a business venture and that of a woman who has just become a grandmother.

Values don't change

Together with the customer, cast in the central role, the campaign aims to convey the fundamental idea that the institution remains unchanged. Each advert closes with the same slogan: "It's good that some things never change. At "la Caixa" we still know that by your side, we will go far. Yesterday. Today. Always. Our values don't change".

The aim of this new campaign is to convey a simple message, one with clear signals of trust, security and solvency, framed around the strength and commitment of a lasting relationship.

On 1 July, "la Caixa" Group completed its restructuring with the stock market floatation of CaixaBank, the bank through which the Group indirectly operates its financial activity and under the same brand as always: "la Caixa".


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